Sunday, November 30, 2008

Explore Python on Your Mobile

Python for S60, Nokia’s port of Python for the S60 platform, brings the power and productivity of the Python programming language to S60 devices from Nokia.

The interactive scripting features in Python for S60 make it easy to implement and test application ideas. This means that you will probably use Python for S60 mainly as a tool for prototyping and experimenting with application concepts.

So start exploring the power of Python right now.

some useful links:

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Hack Your Mobil phone with Linux And Python

You wanna write Python scripts on your mobile phone, but you are sick of the phone keyboard. Then it is time for BTConsole (Bluetooth Console), where you can have a console connection to the Mobile Phone from your PC using the Bluetooth connection as a Serial Port Emulator.Python for Series 60 brings the Python programming language to the Series 60 Platform, Nokia's "modified/enhanced" version of the Symbian Operating System platform for Mobile devices. Currently Python for Series 60 is based on Python 2.2.2. It Supports many of the Python Standard Library modules but has on top a few mobile platform specific modules such as;
- native GUI widgets,
- Bluetooth
- GPRS networking
- GSM Location information,
- SMS Messaging,
- Acces to camera and more!
Supported Mobile Devices: All S60 devices 2nd or 3rd edition.
More 4 U:

Friday, June 6, 2008

NOKIA N78 launched in India

The Nokia N78 boasts a 3 megapixel autofocus camera, Symbian OS with the latest S60 Feature pack 2, built-in GPS receiver, Wi-Fi, the intriguing Navi wheel navigation and an FM transmitter. All those features are enough to make it a worthy successor of the highly popular and capable Nokia N73. Of course, with a similar feature set, Nokia N82 will rival the Nokia N78.

The N78 comes out with a 3.2mega pixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics, a 2.4 inch screen, FM radio, MP 3 player,70 MB storage capacity along with GPS system having pre-loaded maps of eight major cities of India.

It would also have a high speed connectivity via WLAN, HSPDA 3.5G, support for the micro SD cards up to 8 GB, internal speakers and 3.5mm headphones.

Last but not the least, this phone packs a feature called the location tagger application, which would automatically tag location data to the picture, thus allowing the users to save the captured photographs along with their geographical coordinates and date.

The N78 is available in two colours, lagoon blue and cocoa brown and is expected to be priced around Rs 19,999.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Hackers cracking mobile phones, warn experts

Much to the discomfort of mobile users, hackers, who are already wrecking websites and e-mails, are now targeting cell phones as well. Hackers are intruding mobile phones using hacking tools like spyware and spoofing, according to cyber experts.

Spyware is a tool which manipulates short message service (SMS) and allows them to be read by others, while spoofing, replaces mobile number of sender’s message,

A hacker sends an SMS to the targeted person. The person opens the message, installing spyware onto the device. The spyware, unknown to the victim, takes the SMS and forwards it to the hacker.Once installed, the hacker can monitor the ‘compromised’ phone call details and can even listen to the calls made or received by the user, However, it’s very difficult for the user to find out whether his/her phone has been hacked.

Besides spyware, SMS spoofing is another tool which hackers are widely using.Spoofing is used for changing the identity of source of SMS either with text or any desired number. "SMS Spoofing" has been successfully tested by the Pune-based Asian School of Cyber Laws (ASCL), which is the pioneering institute in the field of education, training and consultancy in cyber laws, cyber crime investigations and information security. The Director of ASCL Rohas Nagpal said that the school conducted an experiment at the national and international levels wherein they were able to successfully spoof SMS messages and make them appear to come from other person's cellular phone.

The Asian School of Cyber Law on its website stated an incident where “a young lady received an SMS from her husband’s cell phone informing her that he had had an accident and was at the hospital and urgently needed money. On receiving the SMS, she rushed out of the house with the money. She was attacked and robbed by the person, who had sent her the spoofed SMS.”

bibliography: [Indian Newspaper]

Mobile Hacking, Spoofing and Spyware: WARNING

Your attention please
Cellular data services and applications are being widely deployed, they become attractive targets for attackers, who could exploit unique vulnerabilities in cellular networks, mobile devices, and the interaction between cellular data networks and the Internet. Such an attack, which surreptitiously drains mobile devices’ battery power up to 22 times faster and therefore could render these devices useless before the end of business hours. This attack targets a unique resource bottleneck in mobile devices (the battery power) by exploiting an insecure cellular data service (MMS) and the insecure interaction between cellular data networks and the Internet (PDP context retention and the paging channel). The attack proceeds in two stages. In the first stage, the attacker compiles a hit list of mobile devices — including their cellular numbers, IP addresses, and model information — by exploiting MMS notification messages. In the second stage, the attacker drains mobile devices’ battery power by sending periodical UDP packets and exploiting PDP context retention and the paging channel. This attack is unique not only because it exploits vulnerable cellular services to target mobile devices but also because the victim mobile users are unaware when their batteries are being drained. Furthermore, we identify two key vulnerable components in cellular networks and propose mitigation strategies for protecting cellular devices from such attacks from the Internet.

Read the paper presented by Radmilo Racic ,University of California

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Upgrade your Nokia N73 to have native Bluetooth Music (A2DP)

Upgrade your Nokia N73 to have native Bluetooth Music (A2DP)

Basically you will need to change your N73’s product code and flash the new firmware to get the new exciting features!

Only firmware 4.07xx.x.x.x supports the new A2DP and the following updates (though it’s these are yet to be officially )

* New Music Player (same as in N73 Music edition)
* Camera improvements
* FOTA (Firmware updates Over The Air)

and so far only Product Code - 0529835 has the new firmware.

You can use the Nokia Software Updated Availability link to see if your own product code is updated (I’m guessing Nokia will roll this out slowly to the rest of the world)

Step 1 : Change product code on Nokia’s N73

You need the following softwares ;

1. NSS (Nemesis Service Suite) - to change the product code [Get it from] - UPDATED

2. GSM-Magic - to help enable features on NSS [Get it from GSM Magic Program]

3. Nokia Software Update - Nokia’s own program to download the firmware and flash your mobile phone [It should come with the latest PC Suite, otherwise -Get it from ]

- Instructions -

1) Connect your phone to computer, and choose PC-Suite mode in your mobile
2) Start NSS
3) Push “Scan for new device”
4) Go to Phone Info screen.
Enable the product code box in the right corner.
Change the number there to N73 ME product code number 0529835 into that product code box and then click that enable box.
(note your original N73 product code up, in case if you need it again).

5) Then click WRITE, and in few seconds click READ, and you’ll see that your phones product code has changed.
6) Then exit NSS and start NSU and follow the steps.
7) Wait for your mobile to update. This will take some time the firmware is about 60mb+ to download.

Step 2 : Update with Nokia Software Update (like usual)

1. Launch Nokia Software Update and let it run its update!

PS: It’s 67mb worth of downloading. so it’s going to take a while. Make sure your mobile is charged!

The snakes game is somehow missing from the update - So if you miss it, here’s the link to download it back. [Get it from - ]
It’s the N95 page but will work for your newly flashed Nokia N73.

Enjoy your new full featured Nokia N73!

UPDATE! : Now you can skip Step 1! Just update your firmware via the NSU as Nokia as released it for the general public already! Make sure the firmware is

Connect Internet using bluetooth on your NOKIA phone

Connect Internet using bluetooth on your NOKIA phone

Step by step :

Creating an access point on your phone!

tools\settings\connection\access points\options\new access point>default settings...

these are the settings u need there..

Connection Name : Anything (sugestion ADLS or PCGPRS something u remember well cuz u'll need it later!)

Data Bearer: GPRS

Access Point Name: The name you gave to your bt connection when pairing up with the computer...

Username : None

Password : No

Authentication : Normal

Gateway IP Address :

and that's all on this on this part..

then go to:

tools/settings/connection, and select GPRS

set the GPRS connection to "when available", and the access point to "none".

The settings on your fone are done! now... the next step;

Create a serial port connection from ur pc to ur phone (u've done this before if u ever used Pcsuite from nokia), this serial connection must be on everytime you want to use your pc internet connection as a gprs connection for ur phone!!

Install the software u need to surf the web (opera, netfront, agile messenger for chat, etc..)

10 things you don't know about NOKIA

10 things you don't know about NOKIA

1) The ringtone "Nokia tune" is actually based on a 19th century guitar work named "Gran Vals" by Spanish musician Francisco Tárrega. The Nokia Tune was originally named "Grande Valse" on Nokia phones but was changed to "Nokia Tune" around 1998 when it became so well known that people referred to it as the "Nokia Tune."

2) The world's first commercial GSM call was made in 1991 in Helsinki over a Nokia-supplied network, by Prime Minister of Finland Harri Holkeri, using a Nokia phone.

3) Nokia is currently the world's largest digital camera manufacturer, as the sales of its camera-equipped mobile phones have exceeded those of any conventional camera manufacturer.

4) The "Special" tone available to users of Nokia phones when receiving SMS (text messages) is actually Morse code for "SMS". Similarly, the "Ascending" SMS tone is Morse code for "Connecting People," Nokia's slogan. The "Standard" SMS tone is Morse code for "M" (Message).

5) The Nokia corporate font (typeface) is the AgfaMonotype Nokia Sans font, originally designed by Eric Spiekermann. Its mobile phone User's Guides Nokia mostly used the Agfa Rotis Sans font.

6) In Asia, the digit 4 never appears in any Nokia handset model number, because 4 is considered unlucky in many parts of Southeast/East Asia.

7) Nokia was listed as the 20th most admirable company worldwide in Fortune's list of 2006 (1st in network communications, 4th non-US company).

8. Unlike other modern day handsets, Nokia phones do not automatically start the call timer when the call is connected, but start it when the call is initiated. (Except for Series 60 based handsets like the Nokia 6600)

9) Nokia is sometimes called aikon (Nokia backwards) by non-Nokia mobile phone users and by mobile software developers, because "aikon" is used in various SDK software packages, including Nokia's own Symbian S60 SDK.

10) The name of the town of Nokia originated from the river which flowed through the town. The river itself, Nokianvirta, was named after the old Finnish word originally meaning sable, later pine marten. A species of this small, black-furred predatory animal was once found in the region, but it is now extinct.

Nokia Secret Codes, Tips And Tricks

- To check your current firmware version simply type *#0000# in standby screen.

- To check your IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) type *#06# in standby screen.

- To check your Bluetooth device address type *#2820# in standby screen.

- Start up in Safe Mode (no 'auto start' apps will be running): Hold down the pencil key when you turn on the phone and hold it on until you have to enter your PIN code.

- Format the phone memory by typing *#7370# in standby screen.

- In standby mode,
45# + dials the number on your sim in memory slot 45.
50# + dials slot 50 and so on.

*#92702689# Here you can view the S/N and the IMEI as well as the life timer (newer models). The date the phone left the factory and the date it was purchased. If your phone has been repaired the date of the repair is also visible. You will need to turn the phone off to exit this menu. Newer phones simply require you to press ok.
*#7780# Reset to factory defaults, confirmation required (also known has a Hard-format), all phone contents will be wiped clean including contacts and smses if they are stored on the phone

There is another key combination which is used to hard reset the phone (similar to #*7370). It is useful in some cases, for example when the phone cannot reboot. The trick is by switching off the phone; then switchon by pressing the Call key (Green key) + * key + 3 key . Note that you have to press and hold the three keys at the same time until the startup; otherwise it won’t reset the phone. This key combination doesn’t work on some S60 phones.

Tips / undocumented functions:

- At the top of the main-menu and every folder, the keys 1 to 9 are shortcuts to the icons 1-9

- A shortcut on the left menukey in standby-mode will take more time to open than a shortcut on the right menukey. Reason: The left key is also used for the keylock so it shortly waits for pressing the * button.

- While writing text press and hold "#" to switch between Alpha mode and Number mode. You can also press a key long to insert its number.

- In standby-mode, press and hold 0 to launch your wap home page.

- If you have your keylock activated just press the on/off button to turn on your backlight to look at the time when it's dark without having to unlock the keypad.

- To keep the backlight on, run Torch (freeware), press and hold the Menu button and go somewhere else on the phone.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Surfing Net with any Mobile in Linux


  1. Connect your mobile phone in to the usb port using the data cable provided.

  2. Open a terminal and type su ; then enter your root password.

  3. Type lsusb and check whether your mobile pone is detected.

  4. Type wvdialconf /etc/wvdial.conf ; this will configure your mobile phone and detect it as a modem and writes in to /etc/wvdial.conf.

  5. Note down the name of the mobile device shown by the above command; eg: /dev/ttyACM0.

  6. Edit your /etc/wvdial.conf using the command vi /etc/wvdial.conf.

  7. Enter your dialling no: in the line Phone :[number] and Modem=[device]; an example file:
  8. [Dialer Defaults]

    Modem = /dev/ttyACM0

    Baud = 230400

    Init1 = ATZ

    Init2 = ATQ0 V1 E1 S0=0 &C1 &D2 +FCLASS=0

    ISDN = 0

    Modem Type = Analog Modem

    Phone = *99***1#

    Username = A

    Password = B

    Stupid Mode = 1

    8. type wvdial to connect to internet; type ctrl+c to exit.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

5 New Releases From Nokia

5 New Releases From Nokia


The N81 gaming phone, N95 music edition with 8GB memory built in, and XpressMusic series 5700, 5610 and 5310.

Catch the jump to see them all.

N95 8GB edition — N95 with minor modifications and a black body:

N81 gaming phone:


5310 XpressMusic (slider on the left), 5610 XpressMusic (candy bar on the right):


The 5700 XpressMusic is only a black music edition of the already selling 5700, no big deal.

New phones from NOKIA

Nokia 5610 XpressMusic

user posted image

The Nokia 5610 was the second XpressMusic handset to be announced at a Nokia event in London yesterday. Following the same styling as the 5310, the 5610 differs because of its higher-end features such as a 3.2mpx digital camera, larger display...

Nokia 5310 XpressMusic

user posted image
The XpressMusic line of handsets from Nokia has been revived with the introduction of the 5310 in London yesterday. Designed for portable multimedia, the handset has a dedicated audio chip, up to 18 hours of music playback..

Nokia N81

user posted image
user posted image
user posted image
user posted image

The Nokia N81 is the Finnish giants latest entertainment, music, and game handset. In response to the recent Apple iPhone launch in the US, mobile phone manufacturers have been busy creating their own competition.

NOKIA 6500 Classic

user posted image

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sony Ericsson P1i & T650i Micro Sites Launched

Published 2007-07-13 by Esato in Sony Ericsson

Sony Ericsson has just launched two mini sites dedicated to the mentioned two devices, giving users an ability to explore them in a Flashy environment. You can rotate each of these or quickly go through their features. The nice mini sites use Sony Ericsson� [Read]

Sony Ericsson to release W660 "PINK" Edition

Published 2007-07-09 by Esato in Sony Ericsson

Sony Ericsson gets help from Sony BMG and recruits female artist PINK to promote the latest stylish Walkman phone, the W660. This special PINK edition is basically a red rose version of the W660 with a special I PINK on the back. This is a first from Sony Ericsson and they hope this will attract more young buyers. [Read]

WorldMate Mobile Travel Services Now Free for Nokia S60 Device

Published 2007-07-13 by infoSync World in Sony Ericsson

Earlier this summer, we got our hands on Sony Ericsson's newest top-shelf Cyber Shot phone, the K850. Read our full impressions. The phone wasn't a full production model. No carrier had been announced (though it might not be hard to guess), and a few bugs still needed to be worked out. Still, the K850 we saw was mostly what we'll expect when the phone goes on sale, possibly later this year. From our experience, Sony's Cyber Shot camera phones don't just brag about megapixels, they usually pack the glass to back up their boasts, and we've even been impressed with the lenses on other offerings from Sony Ericsson, besides the Cyber Shot line. [Read]