Saturday, August 9, 2008

Hack Your Mobil phone with Linux And Python

You wanna write Python scripts on your mobile phone, but you are sick of the phone keyboard. Then it is time for BTConsole (Bluetooth Console), where you can have a console connection to the Mobile Phone from your PC using the Bluetooth connection as a Serial Port Emulator.Python for Series 60 brings the Python programming language to the Series 60 Platform, Nokia's "modified/enhanced" version of the Symbian Operating System platform for Mobile devices. Currently Python for Series 60 is based on Python 2.2.2. It Supports many of the Python Standard Library modules but has on top a few mobile platform specific modules such as;
- native GUI widgets,
- Bluetooth
- GPRS networking
- GSM Location information,
- SMS Messaging,
- Acces to camera and more!
Supported Mobile Devices: All S60 devices 2nd or 3rd edition.
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mashhood said...

hmmm...must give it a try..thanks...